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Strategic Focus Area: The Arts

The future belongs to young people with an education and the imagination to create.
~ President Barack Obama

The arts stimulate imagination.  As former Texas Congresswoman Barbara Jordan stated, “They have a wonderful universality.”  They are an essential part of our humanity and they need to be recognized as such.

Through our Arts SFA, WIF encourages an expansive and reflective look at various cultures through visual arts (painting, sculpture, photography…), culinary arts (planning, preparation, and presentation of meals), and performing arts (dance, theater, spoken word…).

We recognize that these and other forms of art and culture not only advance our capacity for compassion and empathy, but also engender a measurable positive influence on education, the economies of the world, and the health and well being of our global society.

We focus on the provision of opportunities for:


  • Students of the visual, culinary, and performing arts to study abroad
  • Fine arts and art history scholars to study the life and work of artist Beauford Delaney

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