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Our Mission

To empower individuals – especially women and persons of African descent – by exposing them to educational and cultural opportunities that allow them to experience a richer, more fulfilling life.

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Current Projects

We are taking bold strides to place the Beauford Delaney exhibition at museums in the U.S. and Europe, launching a Facebook group for university students who are interested in African Diaspora culture in Paris, and hosting a Paris workshop on leadership, communication, and creativity. We are also supporting a STEAM Initiative in Washington, D.C.

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Past Projects

Our inaugural event, the art exhibition entitled Beauford Delaney, Resonance of Form and Vibration of Color, was a staggering success! It incorporated three of our six Strategic Focus Areas: the arts, study abroad, and STEAM education. We engaged our first college student intern as a direct result of the exhibit.

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Our Inaugural Event

Our inaugural event touched many lives in the U.S. and in France – those of university students and professors, K-12 educators, artists, and art lovers. We accomplished this by incorporating three of WIF’s six Strategic Focus Areas into a groundbreaking art exhibition. Watch our video to learn how the arts, study abroad, and STEAM education came together to create magic in Paris!

You Can Make a Difference

Thanks to donations from people like you, WIF successfully concluded our inaugural event and our first university internship program. Your generosity supports the international movement in the arts, travel/study abroad, and STEAM education that is blossoming as a result!

The Arts

… museum members who went to see the Paris exhibition in February … were so moved by the experience that they committed their time and funds to begin a community-driven effort to bring the Paris works of one of America’s great artists home to his birthplace – Knoxville, Tennessee.
— Sylvia L. Peters, former trustee of the Knoxville Museum of Art

Study Abroad

I saw firsthand what can be accomplished when a passion comes together with dedication, collaboration, and the application of skills that an individual is uniquely gifted in. I hope to continue to seize opportunities like this in the future, and to carry on the inspiration that I’ve received.
— Abbigail Chaput, University of Arizona

STEAM Education

This was a phenomenal opportunity to go to Fulbright and UNESCO, to visit an artist colony, to have all the different perspectives of the arts here in Paris … it’s going to be truly powerful for us all working together to incorporate STEAM into all aspects of life.
— Malikka Karteron, Global Educator Program participant

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